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Crossing The Line

Thank you to all involved for a gloriously successful festival.

What the delegates said:

Insightful, entertaining, and brilliantly executed.

The festival was fantastic, really quite inspirational and a lot of the people I spoke to have said similar things. The mixture of acclaimed directors and chairs were the right balance, and meant the sessions were accessible and fascinating.

Thanks a lot for very insightful sessions. All the sessions I saw were very well conducted with incredibly well chosen clips. They covered a lot of ground and felt like a true insight into people's work.

A fantastic cast of speakers of a high calibre - you chose people who had experience and were also interesting and approachable. So much better to hear more from the filmmakers and less from the commissioners! Very inspiring - I've come back with a new energy and ideas.

An amazing festival weekend. I think that I have never so thoroughly enjoyed a festival as much as I enjoyed this one.

Difficult to find faults in such an amazing line up…Incredible selection of rarely seen films.

What an excellent weekend! I met some really interesting people both in the audience and amongst the speakers too… Lots of the things that I have learnt have really inspired me to think about programme making in a different way… On a practical level I've learnt some new technical tricks I'm excited about employing! …I'm delighted that I had the opportunity to attend.

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